About Dawn Flower

Dawn Flower is a luxury independent flower shop in Stanmore, London.

Established in 2007 with originally one smaller shop in Harrow, we expanded to a larger shop in Stanmore, giving us over 13 years experience in the floristry industry.

We have a dedicated team of florists who bring together their unique talents to create Dawn Flower. Whether it’s creating a cascading waterfall wedding bouquet or a simple plant arrangement for your home, we are continually seeking to generate new ideas, as well as enhancing current ones.

Our strengths lie in service and vision, keeping our designs up to date by following fashion and floral trends from Europe and around the world. We focus carefully on our clients’ needs with everyone contributing their ideas and skills.

Dawn Flower has designer florists ready to work with you on corporate events, weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs. In addition, we have an excellent reputation for creating individual floral tributes and funeral wreaths. Whatever you desire, at Dawn Flower our designs are carefully hand-crafted to suit your occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, new home, new baby, christening or party. We also create beautiful flowers for special occasions such as: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Jewish New Year, Passover, and Christmas.

We stock a superb range of gifts such as artificial flowers, cards, bears, balloons and chocolates, with an impressive range of glass vases that you can either purchase or hire.

As a member of Interflora, which has a vast international network of experienced florists, Dawn Flower can send beautiful flowers locally, nationally and worldwide and offer both same-day and 3-hour delivery service.

About Dawn

Originally I worked in this current shop (which I now own) as a work experience girl and a sole employee! This taught me many lessons, but the number one lesson I took is that no salary can be as valuable as gaining experience. Without the original experience, Dawn Flower would not have existed.

After many years, I then decided to create my own funeral arrangement book. This was much harder than I had originally thought and I had to overcome many, many problems. In fact, I almost gave up, and I would have, but the encouragement of my two (then young) children inspired me to continue and keep going. This ended up being the start of Dawn Flower’s success!

After a few years, I then decided to open my first shop in 2007 in Harrow, during the financial crisis recession. I had to fight with everything I had to ensure this business stays, and if it weren’t for the love and passion I had for this job, and the ongoing support from my loving local customers I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

A couple of years later I was given an offer to buy the shop in Stanmore, the same one I was a work experience girl for! From then, I put all my effprts into the success of my second shop, however, sadly this meant I had close my first shop in Harrow after a few years. As hard as it was to run two shops, I will always be grateful that the Harrow shop was the stepping stone to where Dawn Flower is now.

Now I cover a large area for Interflora and won an award for the only member without any complaints!

I just wanted to say a thank you to all my loyal and lovely customers, without you this wouldn’t be possible.

Dawn x